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Our Breeding Program

We at Cluckingham Palace TX strive to bring you the best quality of chicken. All our breeds are of heritage quality, PT tested, & Texas Animal Health Commission Certified. We are dedicated to insuring the health of your bird. With every adult chicken purchase, we include a complimentary worm and mite prevention treatment. As well as a complimentary wing clipping, if you so choose. We also welcome emailed, and texted chicken related inquiries. Due to our high standards of biosecurity, we currently do not have an option for pickup at our facility. Please check our Chicken Options link 

We are always adding breeds and have additional breeds. Make sure to check back from time to time.

 Please feel free to contact us if you don't see what you're looking for, and for availability on older chicken.

Cinnamon Queen/AKA Golden Comet

Cinnamon Queen chickens are our fastest and one of the top sellers in the industry because of the number of eggs they lay. They are known for their fast body development, fast egg production and rich brown egg shell color, quality and texture. Cinnamon Queens are docile birds and extremely easy to work with. This strain will start to lay eggs at a younger age than most standard breeds and produce large to extra large brown eggs.

 Leg color is mostly yellow but will get some greenish. Hens feathering color varies with brownish feathers and white feathers. Adult rooster feathering color varies from totally white to white with light to dark red feathers on shoulder feathers. The parent stock is made from a proprietary bloodline/strain of the Rhode Island Red male and the Rhode Island White female. So book these early because they are a high demand layer for farm use with egg production. Yr old egg layers available with preorder.

Approx. 250-320 Large Brown Eggs/Year | Mature WT: Males 9lbs, Females 7lbs


Swedish Flowery 55

The Rare 55 Flowery Hen was created in 1955 by Martin Silverudd. They are one of many breeds developed by Silverudd in Sweden. Chicks are autosexing at hatch meaning that you can immediately tell the females from the males. The hens are prolific layers of large white eggs. Our flock consists of both beautiful color varieties, silver and gold. They are an active breed that does well in cold climates.

 The name "Flowery" refers to the white spot coverage of the hens but for which the roosters are completely missing.

Sold as:

Day old+ female/pullets - $15

Day old+ male/cockerels - $5

6 hatching eggs=$35

1 dz hatching eggs=$60


Weight: 7 – 8 lbs.

Purpose – egg laying

Egg Color – White, LARGE!

Egg Production – 300 eggs per year

Country of Origin – Sweden

Available Colors – Traditional

chicks, juveniles, and preorders available

Lavender Americauna

These beauties are directly from the Paul Smith line. Bred to have the highest quality color in plumage.  These wonderful rare birds will catch the eye and envy of other bird owners, and they go fast. The Ameraucana is an American domestic breed of chicken developed in the United States in the 1970"s. It derives from Araucana chickens brought from Chile. Ameraucana Chickens are not to be confused with Easter Eggers, as they are a pure breed and also not to be confused with Araucanas, which are rumpless and have tufts. Ameraucanas always have both beards/muffs. Their pea comb makes them a great bird for colder climates.The breed’s most desirable features are their slate or black legs and the fact that they lay blue tinted eggs. They are bred to retain the blue-egg gene egg shell color and they have a quiet and calm personality.

Average Mature Weight: Rooster 6½ lbs., Hens 5½ lbs.

Depending on availability

Day old+ chick-$15

Older aged birds- price varies on avaiability

6 hatching eggs=$35

1 dz hatching eggs=$60

currently a waitlist

Buff Orpingtons

Buff Orpington Chickens are a popular dual-purpose variety known for their fluffy feathers, excellent mothering skills, and sweet disposition. They are sometimes called "Big Buffs," because they are loosely feathered and appear to be heavier than their true weight. Buff Orpingtons are friendly and affectionate, making them the perfect breed for children. Their rich golden color makes them so lovely to look at.

Buff Orpingtons mature moderately early and are good layers of brown eggs. They are also cold hardy and very broody, making them a great choice for the backyard homestead.

Average mature weight: roosters 8 1/2 lbs, hens 7 lbs.

Day old+ chicks-$6

6 hatching eggs=$25

1 dz hatching eggs=$40

preorder available 

White Crested Black Polish Tops

Our Exceptional chicks come from our gorgeous Greenfire Farm Line beauties. Preorders are taken due to how quickly they sell out. The Polish breed originated in the Netherlands. Several varieties of this chicken breed were admitted into the American Standard of Perfection from more than a century ago. The mature White Crested Black Polish chicken present a striking contrast in color with its body plumage of lustrous black and crests of white with a few black feathers. Cluckingham offers the non-bearded variety of the White Crested Black Polish chicken. You will be delighted with these lovely and interesting chickens. They are not only attractive but useful, as they are fine layers of white eggs and non-setters.

Average mature weight: 

roosters 6 lbs., hen 4 1/2 lbs.

Egg Size‎: ‎Small-Medium

 Hardiness‎: ‎Heat and cold hardy

day old+ chicks-$10

currently on a waitlist

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is an American breed of domestic chicken. It is the state bird of Rhode Island. They are a popular chicken choice for backyard chicken flocks because of their egg laying abilities and hardiness. The Rhode Island Red was developed as dual-purpose breed, to provide both meat and eggs. Rhode Island Red lays 200–300 brown eggs per year, and yields rich-flavored meat. 

Primary use: dual-purpose meat/eggs

Egg production (annual): 260

Egg size: Large

Temperament: Hardy

Recognized variety: Rose Comb, Single Comb

Egg color: Brown


Male: 8.6 lb

Female: 6.6 lb

day old+ chicks- $5

6 hatching eggs=$25

1 dz hatching eggs=$40

chicks and juveniles available 

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

The Wyandotte chicken is an American breed of chicken developed in the 1870s. The Blue Laced Red Wyandottes are beautiful chickens that have a blue laced red color pattern which is buff/red in color with a blue that looks just like grey around the edge of every feather.

Egg Color‎: ‎Brown

Egg Size‎: ‎Large

Bird Size‎: ‎Large

 Male8.5 lbs.  Female6.5 lbs.

Day old+ chicks $8

Cost of older birds varies 

chicks and preorders available