Hatched In San Antonio in 2015, Cluckingham Palace TX has been proudly serving the San Antonio and surrounding areas. We are a no kill farm to our feathered friends who reward us with their tasty butt nuggets. Our gang of diverse breeds have the run of the land and are free to mingle as they please. As a result we have the cutest and happiest little fuzzies every three weeks, along with extra delicious eggs to eat. The breeding and cross breeding that we do, make the possibilities and benefits endless! So many birds to choose from. As cute as they are, it is almost impossible to choose only one. We have chickens that vary from Breeders/ Egg layers/Meat/Pets/Show, truly serving many purposes. Needing a feathered stud? We have those too! Pictures are always added and updated, as our selection grows and varies from time to time. You are sure to find what you are looking for, or we'll help you find it.  Don't see what you have in mind here? Let's chat!

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Chickens! Chickens! Chickens! and Quail!

Got Chicks? We Do, And So Can You!

Here in the feathery land of Cluckingham, We have pure breeds and cross breeds. Our hens give us an impressive variety of eggs. With all the different colors and sizes of these birdies will gift you with, you will find yourself fighting the urge to get one of each breed! Lets not forget our handsome Roos that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not to mentions all the swooning the hens will be doing!

Hatched To Order

 Ever wanted that "got to have" chicken beauty? We also take preorders for those one of a kind fancy feathered fannies. Go ahead and take a look at our listing of couples that are in the honeymoon suites and let us know if you'd like us to secure a fluffy beauty or a baby flock for you.


Oh so colorful, oh so tasty, and oh so fresh! We pamper our ladies and in return are rewarded in a very tasty way. These oval yummies are all the rage and go quickly. Interested? Let's chat. 

We also have hatching eggs! Which are listed under the breeds section

Give A Cluck! Helping our Community 

We here at Cluckingham Palace are big believers in giving back to the community and those in need. Our girls are always in a generous mood. And somedays our girls are extremely gitty with the generousity. The extras always find their way to where they are needed. When we are given the greatest opportunity to make a difference, there's only one option.  From sharing our eggs to an occasional hen that provides long term nourishment for a family, We look for extra feed and tools to help with this need. We hope to be able to meet as many opportunities that come our way with as much help we can find. Any help is appreciated. Have someone in mind and want to help your donation meet it's way to them? Drop us an email! Any amount makes a big impact. Let's do this together! Donate Below